A card doesn’t save your life for nothing

A fantastic journey through the secret life of cards

Following an accident, a man finds himself thrown into the world of cards. He has become a “card-master”, the only one who can understand their murmurings, and he takes us into a fantastic universe where the cards come to life, ready to unveil part of their mystery.

The central character of this astonishing fable, the Ace of Spades, has terrible things to reveal…

A journey through the secret history of cards begins.

From the Middle Ages to the Vietnam War, we travel through cultures and eras, discovering unknown facts from humanity’s past that emerge like apparitions from the depths: curses, myths, depravity, impossible loves, propaganda, all mark out this poetic adventure, full of humour and fantasy, where dreams and reality are intimately intertwined. A surrealist epic, close to Gulliver or Baron Münchausenversion. Terry Gilliam.

At the crossroads of theatre, magic and storytelling, Belkheïr invites us to go through the mirror.

On the other side, the cards speak, dance, play and confide in each other like paper actors.

For more than 20 years, Belkheïr Djédane, known as Bébel the magician, has been performing card tricks that mess with your mind. An internationally renowned virtuoso, far from being a simple trickster, he has long dreamed of creating a show with cards in which magic is not just a performance but becomes an artistic expression in its own right, like dance, singing or theatre. A show in which the cards play their own story.

Source : Théâtre du Rond Point

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